Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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The Walking Dead - Humble Bundle

July 21, 2014
For a limited time pay what you want for this The Walking Dead Humble Bundle and help support Penny Harvest
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June 3, 2014
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April 14, 2014
Join us as we celebrate students across NYC at 4th annual Run for Change. Since the fall, over 300,000 students answered the call to service by collecting pennies, totaling 4,607 sacks and $36,283.72 in cash and checks.
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Spring into Service! Volunteer Opportunities

April 11, 2014
Check out the latest volunteer opportunities with local partner organizations throughout New York City.
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Penny Harvest Alum - Student Leader to Executive Intern

April 3, 2014
As an alumna of PS6, the Penny Harvest is a huge part of my life. I began participating in the Penny Harvest in the third grade, where I attended weekly meetings during my lunch period to be part of the Roundtable.
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April 1, 2014
Students were able to interview an organization's representative through the use of social media.
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March 26, 2014
Many Penny Harvest students and schools immediately sprang into action and asked themselves, "What can we do to help?"
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4th annual Run for Change!

March 20, 2014
Common Cents’ 2014 Run for Change! campaign is now underway and a date is set: the 4th annual run, walk and rally celebrating the work of over 600 Penny Harvest Schools in the greater New York City area will commence on June 8th.
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Penny Harvest Group Facing Closure

October 3, 2013
A popular children's program on the verge of closing said the city's Department of Education is to blame for its financial straits.
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Introducing our new Penny Harvest staff

September 21, 2013
We’re proud to welcome our 2013-2014 New York City Civic Corp members Catherine Valdez, Julie Innis and Sung-ah Han.
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Penny Harvest Pickup 2013

January 18, 2013
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Penny Harvest on That's So New York

January 3, 2013
NYC Media Reporter and Producer Kéla Walker visited P.S. 104Q The Bays Water in Far Rockaway.
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Penny Harvest Students Across NYC Respond to the Storm

November 7, 2012
Across New York City, schools and students are dedicating this year's Penny Harvest to recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Hundreds of schools have already re-named the year-long program “Hurricane Harvest.”
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Common Cents Releases 9.12 Book

September 10, 2012
Common Cents announced today the online release of a book created by thousands of New York City students reflecting on the meaning of September 11 in their lives and pledging service to make a better world.
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Welcome back to another exciting year of the Penny Harvest!

September 7, 2012
It seems like it was just yesterday when thousands of students around the country came to their final Roundtable decisions, engaged their classmates and larger school communities in service projects, and hosted some pretty impressive check-award ceremonies and grant presentations. Building off last year’s excitement and successes of launching a new program model to the Penny Harvest called Legacy Service; we are excited to announce the launch of the 2012-2013 Penny Harvest this fall!
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Run for Change! Recap

May 3, 2012
Sunday, April 29th, 2012, marked the second annual Run for Change! A 5k Walk, Run, Rally to celebrate the hard work of the thousands of students, teachers, and friends, who all work to help make the Penny Harvest the largest, and most successful, child-philanthropy program in the nation!
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Common Cents featured in New York Times

April 3, 2012
The Penny Harvest and Common Cents’ Executive Director Teddy Gross were featured in today’s New York Times. And we finally set the record straight: we’re not fundraisers, we raise children.
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P.S. 48 learning onsite by going the extra mile

March 30, 2012
The roundtable of P.S. 48 William C. Wilcox immediately knew animal issues had to be one of the causes they donated to this year
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Rebound Harvest for P.S. 46

January 1, 2012
When thinking about last year’s harvest, Penny Harvest coach Susan Tasso couldn’t help but feel disappointed. After many consecutive years of abundant harvests of 25 sacks or more, P.S. 46 in Staten Island had only managed to collect nine. Susan, a paraprofessional and 8 year Penny Harvest Coach, knew she had to make a change.
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Co-Coaching Leads to Greatness - The Russell Sage Five Pasta Banquet

December 1, 2011
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being on hand for a momentous occasion at JHS 190 Russell Sage in Forest Hills, Queens. It was the 1st annual Pasta Banquet, a glorious feast of five different pasta dishes, fresh French bread, enough soda to quench the thirst of a small army, and a plethora of delicious desserts.
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Leading in Service: Introducing our new Penny Harvest staff

September 1, 2011
Common Cents is proud to announce a whole fleet of new staff members!
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First Annual Penny Harvest Run for Change a success!

May 2, 2011
On Saturday, April 30th, the first annual Penny Harvest Run for Change! kicked off with a day along Hudson River Park of honoring youth service as New York City students, teachers and supporters of Common Cents turned up in what has, in only twenty years, become the largest child philanthropy program in the country which emphasizes service-learning through school communities. Since 1991, Penny Harvest students have contributed $8.6 million to improve their neighborhoods in areas of health, environment, human rights, disaster relief, children and the elderly.
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Common Cents works with Definition 6 to launch Penny Harvest campaign in New York

April 12, 2011
Common Cents, an educational organization specializing in hands-on learning announced today that it has launched a Times Square billboard to decry the school drop-out rate and link the fight to save our schools with its Penny Harvest program. The entire design work for the ad was created pro-bono by Definition 6, a unified marketing agency.
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19th Annual Penny Harvest Kicks-off

October 25, 2010
Starting this week, students at a thousand schools nationwide - nearly 500,000 students total - began scouring their homes and neighborhoods for idle pennies as part of the 19th Annual Penny Harvest. From now until Thanksgiving, Penny Harvesters will go door-to-door with their families asking neighbors to help them better their communities by donating spare change.
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Common Cents announces 2009/2010 Schools of Excellence

July 1, 2010
Penny Harvest schools in New York City work hard every year to bring philanthropy and service to their schools and communities. Some schools go above and beyond this duty— their actions and innovations lead to fresh ideas, lesson plans, and harvesting and teaching strategies, many of which may later become standard Penny Harvest practice, adopted into our core curriculum. These leaders are Penny Harvest Schools of Excellence.
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