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Sam Daley-Harris, Founder and Director
RESULTS was founded twenty seven years ago by a man named Sam Daley-Harris.  Mr. Daley-Harris saw issues he cared about all around him.  He thought it was unfair that certain people were forced to live hungry and poor.  He wanted to find a way that he, as an individual, could make a difference.  So he decided to write a letter to his member of Congress explaining his feelings and asking for the government to take action to improve these issues.  Soon, many of his friends began writing letters and RESULTS was born. 
RESULTS affects people all over the world.  We have an office in Washington, D.C. and 800 volunteers all over the United States that are spreading the word and writing to their elected officials to take action. 
We help children all over the world.  Millions of children throughout the country and across the world are helped by RESULTS.  Right now, there are over ninety million children between 6 and 11 years who are not in school.  Over half of these children are girls.  Certain parts of the world have more children that cannot go to school than other parts.  For example, half of all children unable to attend school live in Sub-Saharan Africa.
There are many ways to try to give more children the chance to go to school.  We believe in getting concerned people in the United States to make sure their voice is heard by the government.  The government can change policies and help lots of children at once rather than one at a time.  Through advocacy, which means writing letters or holding protests to make sure the government knows we want change, we ask Congress in the United States to spend more of the government’s money on sending children all around the world to school. 
We also try to change the fact that public schools are not free in many countries.  In 2005, a law was made that asks for getting rid of school fees.  Then families that don’t have a lot of money don’t have to worry about not being able to send their children to school.  This will allow many more families to give their children an education. 
How you can help with your Penny harvest funds

We have volunteers around the country that care about basic education for children around the world.  You can help us help RESULTS volunteers have their voices heard. 

• $100 will fund training for 10 to 20 volunteers that can get the word out in their communities about global poverty 
•$100 will provide 250 volunteers with a kit to prepare them to get hundreds of other people in each of their communities involved in writing letters to the government  
•$200 will provide 10 volunteer groups with videos to show people in the government the stories of people around the world, including children that don't get to go to school
•$200 will award a scholarship to one volunteer to attend an important conference where they will get more training and meet members of Congress face to face to have their voice heard

How you can partner with us

We want to make presentations at your school to teach you and other students advocacy skills.  Advocacy is a way to tell the government that they need to pay attention to the issue.  Advocacy skills will help you make your voices heard about issues you care about.
Contact US

Name:  Kolleen Bouchane
Title:  Global Legislative Associate
Address: 440 First Street NW
              Washington, D.C. 20001 
Preferred method of contact: email
Find out more about RESULTS at our website:

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