Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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Pennies for nonprofits

May 4, 2009
The students at Roxborough Intermediate have taken the saying, "A penny saved is a penny earned" to new heights. The Penny Harvest, a student-participation, service-learning program throughout the school year, raised $2,000 from collecting pennies, to donate to nonprofit organizations of their choice.
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Common Cents One of five non-profits to align with NYC schools to teach civic engagement

April 20, 2009
Common Cents was named as one of the five educational partners of NYC Service, an initiative announced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to further his pledge that New York City would lead the way in answering President Obama’s call for the nation to embrace a new era of service.
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Common Cents Challenges Schools to Support Their Local Food Pantry

March 13, 2009
Children of the Penny Harvest are stepping up to do their part to support the 600 food pantries in New York City. In just one week, 80 food pantries have been adopted by Penny Harvest schools, donating $11,962.50 in emergency funds have been given by children to feed the hungry!
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Annual Leader Pin Volunteer event a success!

March 12, 2009
On Saturday, March 7th, over 200 volunteers gathered at Trinity Church and assembled over 35,000 Penny Harvest Leader Pins! That is enough pins for students in over 1,100 schools.
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Teaching Adults to say “Thank You”

March 2, 2009
On February 24th, 25th and 26th Common Cents held its fourth annual workshop for Penny Harvest Grantee Organizations. The goal of these workshops was to to help non-profits - who usually only receive donations from adults – create meaningful relationships with the young grant-makers of the Penny Harvest.
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Common Cents Receives Grant from State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board

February 24, 2009
On Monday, February 23rd, Youth Advisory Board Laura Mantell presented a $100,000 check to Executive Director, Teddy Gross, in support of Common Cents’ service-learning initiatives. The ceremony, which also featured the other NYC-based recipient, Children for Children, took place at PS 1 Alfred E. Smith School, a Penny Harvesting elementary school in Manhattan.
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The Day My Pennies Came ALIVE!

February 20, 2009
Isabella, a student PS 229 Dyker School in Brooklyn writes about why the Penny Harvest is so important.
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Common Cents Bowl-A-Thon a huge success!

February 16, 2009
On February 10th, over 100 supporters of Common Cents gathered at Bowlmor Lanes in New York City for Bowlin’ for Change! The Third Annual Bowl-A-Thon to benefit Common Cents. To date, the event has raised over $22,000 (which is enough to cover the costs of running the program in 44 schools!).
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Statement on Service by Teddy Gross

February 15, 2009
A statement from Teddy Gross, Executive Director of Common Cents, Responding to Mayor Bloomberg's Challenge to Involve all New Yorkers in Service.
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Conor's Fundraising Blog

January 22, 2009
I have seen how much money can be made by collecting coins, people put loose change into tins in shops, they may only put in a penny or two, but it all adds up. Even now when people will probably be more careful the loose change that they get at the till will be handed over.
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Children decide how to help their community with 1.5 Million pennies

January 19, 2009
Students from seven area elementary schools in the Columbus City and Worthington school districts are faced with an exciting challenge. They must now decide how to help their community by giving away over 1.5 million pennies.
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Nearly 3.8 Million Pennies Collected

January 2, 2009
Colorado students in 31 elementary, middle and high schools collected nearly 3.8 million in pennies, or $37,826.02, for local charities during the 18th annual Penny Harvest.
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December 30, 2008
Denver, CO – Students from 31 Colorado elementary, middle and high schools have officially harvested 3.7 million pennies, or $37,826.02, for local charities through the Young Philanthropists Foundation’s 2008-2009 Penny Harvest.
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Local students making pennies count

December 14, 2008
DENVER - Students from 31 schools around Colorado are hoping to collect more than 2 million pennies for charity.
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PS 199 students visit Penny Harvest office

December 13, 2008
Two dozen third grade students from PS 199 stopped by the Penny Harvest office on a cold December morning to present Common Cents with a framed collage of their colorful reflections on what the Penny Harvest means to them.
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Kid's coins add up for charity

December 8, 2008
Students from several local elementary schools gathered yesterday at Columbus' Devonshire Alternative Elementary to celebrate the philanthropic efforts of more than 3,000 central Ohio children.
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A neighbor Harvest grows in Brooklyn

November 25, 2008
Brooklyn, New York – Mother and daughter team Debra and Elizabeth Richardson “neighbor harvest” together, visiting families in their building to collect pennies for Common Cents’ Penny Harvest at M.S. 381, where Elizabeth is in the sixth grade.
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Eagle Ridge Elementary Kick-off Assembly

November 17, 2008
Eagle Ridge Elementary School students are learning that every little bit counts when it comes to giving back to the community. On Nov. 11, the school held a kickoff assembly for the Penny Harvest program, encouraging students to collect pennies to contribute to the school's philanthropic fund.
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Every Penny Counts!

November 14, 2008
Organized by PS 335’s Penny Harvest student leadership team named, “A Beautiful Spirit Philanthropy Roundtable,” and Penny Harvest Coach Cleo Jarvis, students organized an assembly to inspire the whole school to continue collecting pennies by telling the tale of Elgin, a young boy who saves a local playground from demolition by organizing a penny harvest and uniting his community. The play was based on Elgin’s Jar, a storybook written by Common Cents executive director, Teddy Gross.
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An Accidental Icon: How One Child Transformed Himself through the Penny Harvest

November 10, 2008
Two years ago, fourth grader Jonathan Difo had his picture taken. That photo, snapped outside a Brooklyn food bank, ended up on tops of taxi cabs in New York and Las Vegas, printed on pamphlets mailed out nationally, and as the poster image for a national non-profit. All of a sudden, Jonathan was a little famous. Now, two years after Jonathan’s transformation, the photo became a defining image of both Common Cents and its corporate sponsor, Cole Haan. The photo was used in several promotional campaigns, including one where it was printed on the tops of taxi cabs. On Sept. 29, Common Cents visited P.S. 7 to present Jonathan with one of the taxi tops used in the campaign.
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Penny Harvesters Rock the Vote on Election Day

November 7, 2008
Election Day this year proved the perfect opportunity for many Penny Harvesters to engage their community members in donating their pennies in support of youth grant making and service. As voters showed up in record numbers to cast their ballots, Penny Harvesters joined them there to encourage voters to donate pennies for student directed charity.
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Students scrounge for idle pennies

November 4, 2008
Last week 58 schools in the area joined over 1,000 schools nationwide - and nearly 500,000 students - as they began scouring their homes and neighborhoods for idle pennies.
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18th Annual Penny Harvest Kicks-off!

October 27, 2008
October 27, 2008 - Starting today, over 1,000 schools nationwide - and nearly 500,000 students - will be scouring their homes and neighborhoods for idle pennies. From now until Thanksgiving, students will go door-to-door with their parents asking neighbors to help them better their communities by donating spare change. During the next four weeks, millions of pennies will be collected by Penny Harvesters, and thousands of Penny Harvesters will connect with their communities.
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Common Cents Prepares Teachers for the Penny Harvest

October 24, 2008
In October, new and veteran Penny Harvest Coaches gathered for several Professional Development Training Sessions. Common Cents runs these sessions to train and prepare nearly 1,000 Coaches for the year ahead, and also to get valuable feedback and fresh opinions from the Coaches themselves.
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Common Cents and Cole Haan Celebrate the heroes behind the Penny Harvest

October 23, 2008
You always hear us talk about the 500,000 students who participate in the Penny Harvest, but the unsung heroes of the program are the nearly 2,000 teachers and principals who bring the program to life in schools for these young children. On October 16th, Common Cents paid tribute to our Penny Harvest Coaches with a kick-off party. The party also served as a chance to celebrate the partnership between Common Cents and Cole Haan, our new corporate sponsor, and to honor members of the “decade club,”
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