Mission Statement

Common Cents seeks to mend the financial literacy gap seen across the U.S.

According to the Federal Reserve, in a basic financial literacy test comprising of three questions, only about a third of adults could answer all three questions. College students scored similar scores.

This doesn't have to be this way.


We find innovative ways to make learning about personal finance appealing for a wide audience of young adults.


Personal finance is often thought to be boring. We believe learning about personal finance should be fun, interactive, and engaging.


Regardless of your career, personal finance is important to everyone. We're committed to expanding the accessibility of financial education.


Advisors & Sponsors

Dr. Salma Jeghalef

Professor at the Wharton School

Imad Benjelloun

Professor at Delaware Valley University


A social investing app

Penn Wellness

Think tank umbrella group dedicated to working together to improve the wellbeing of the Penn community