Mission Statement

Common Cents seeks to mend the financial literacy gap seen across grads, undergrads, and high schoolers alike.

Common Cents hopes to pave the path and help JHU undergrads make common cents about their personal finances.


Janey Song


Class of 2023

Studying Public Health and French. Supports Angie in her yoga headstands.

Esther Shin

Vice President

Class of 2023

Studying Public Health and Economics. Loves to play guitar and sing, pretending to be a Kpop star.

Janice Roh

Marketing Committee

Class of 2023

Studying Cognitive Science and Psychology. Food is life.

Zhuochen Yuan

Design Committee

Class of 2023

Studying Neuroscience and Public Health. I recently got a Venus flytrap!

Max Haneda

Content Committee

Class of 2023

Studying Neuroscience. Zhuochen’s Venus flytrap is living in my room!

Ayaka Inoki

Finance Committee

Class of 2023

Studying Molecular & Cellular Biology and East Asian Studies. Obsessed with Spikeball.

Partners & Sponsors


A social investing app

Penn Wellness

Think tank umbrella group dedicated to working together to improve the wellbeing of the Penn community

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Common Cents aims to make personal finance interesting with activities like Kahoots, choose-your-own-adventure, jeopardy, and more (most of the time with a prize for winners!). We also forge innovation through interdisciplinary events like Masterchef when we had a live cooking demo and talked about meal prepping under a budget.

    Generally, we host a wide variety of events, including speaker events, informational classes, career panels, and online webinars. Because of the current virtual environment, all events for the fall 2020 semester will be virtual; however, we look forward to hosting more in-person events when we are back on campus.

  • No! We encourage anyone and everyone to join as a general body member because personal finance knowledge is applicable to everyone, regardless of your background.

    To become a member, all you have to do is fill out our interest form and you will be added to the listserv!

  • Common Cents Communities are groups of 6-8 people who are interested in personal finance and want to socialize with other members! Common Cents Communities meet a few times per month for online games, movie nights, and friendly competitions.

    CC Communities are a great way to make friends online amidst the virtual environment!

  • Unfortunately, we have stopped accepting applications for the Fall 2020 semester. Keep an eye out for when we recruit in the beginning of next semester.